open channels for europe!



In 1997 the Bundesverband Offene Kanäle e.V. (Federation of the Open Channels in Germany) held the Open Channels for Europe! Conference in Berlin. About 100 participants from 14 European and non-European countries discussed the situation of citizen's media in Europe. The delegates approved the "Berlin Declaration." The "Berlin Declaration" contains a commitment to build a European coalition for citizen's media as part of a global movement for media equity and democratic communication structures. At the 1998 Building Bridges conference in Lund (Sweden) an amendment was made to the 1997 Berlin Declaration regarding the integration process. In November 2004 Open Channels for Europe! was launched as a legal association.

The objective of the association is the support of formal, non-formal and professional education through the employment of electronic media. Within this objective the association promotes:

  • political education as the basis for the protection and development of a democratic community
  • intercultural dialogue with respect to the customs, religions and world-views of other

In particular the association wishes to procure these objectives in conjunction with the "Berlin Declaration" of November 1997 by the following measures:

  • development and execution of cooperational projects
  • development and employment of new application and programme concepts in a media network which will be developed by the Association
  • planning and implementation of conferences, seminars and workshops
  • documentation of and experience-exchange with media educational projects
  • public information about responsibility and significance of active participation by the public in electronic media

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